Kim Kardashian ‘Happy’ She Was Robbed In Paris

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Kim Kardashian claims she is grateful for being robbed in Paris back in 2016.

“After I was robbed of all of it in Paris, I didn’t know I was needing that lesson, but that lesson was so well-received,” she told Angie Martinez.

Kim was held at gunpoint and tied up in the bathroom of her hotel room in 2016. The thieves reportedly made off with $11 million in jewelry.

“When all my jewelry and stuff was taken from me, like, I don’t, I just truly don’t care about stuff like that,” Kardashian continued. “I want what feels good. I want, if it’s a memory, I’ll hold on to that. But if it was taken again, it wouldn’t affect me.”

Kim says that since the robbery, she has learned the value of material objects and would gladly leave them behind should her home break out in a fire.

“Things are now just for fun for me, but the lesson of having it all taken from me really made me understand that like, all of this stuff doesn’t matter,” she said. “All of this stuff can be taken from you. It doesn’t go with you.”

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