Kim Kardashian ‘Grateful’ For ‘Fierce Protector’ Khloe

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Kim Kardashian is reportedly very pleased with her sister Khloe Kardashian who slammed Kanye West for dissing her publicly.

“Khloe is a fierce protector of her family and they were relieved because they believe that Kanye has had this coming. He has been so hurtful to Kim and this is not setting a good example for their kids. That is the family’s main concern and he needs to know that his behavior and treatment of their mother is unacceptable,” a source told HollywoodLife.

Ye accsued Kim of kidnapping their daughter Chicago on her birthday. They Kardashians say they had already agreed to have two separate birthday parties.

“Kim was so relieved when Khloe told her she was going to clap back at Kanye. Kim’s sisters have always had her back behind closed doors, and Kim had always expressed a desire for them not to get involved or say anything. But after this latest online attack, Kim had had enough,” another source added. “It’s more than any one person can handle and they’ve seen the agony she’s gone through dealing with his constant assaults and they’re sick and tired of it. Kim is so grateful Khloe has her back and hopes Kanye ends this once and for all.”

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