Killer Mike Says He Had No Idea Who Kai Cenat Was

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Kai Cenat was upset over Killer Mike’s Best Rap Album Grammy win and did not know who the rapper was… but Killer Mike says he had no idea who Kai Cenat was either.

“Don’t be afraid to own it. Like I made the best rap album last year. I know my guy Kai was upset, man. Shouts out to Kai Cenat. Hey man, I didn’t know who the f-ck you was either. But listen, now that I know my n-gga…man let me bring a broom through ya room, player! See if we can put it together. I wanna see you win. I wanna see it happen. I’m sorry your boy didn’t get it – well no I’m not because I won,” Killer Mike told The Breakfast Club.

“But shouts out to Travis. I’ve seen him grow from SXSW. I ain’t got no hate for nobody. I want you to win but if we competing, I absolutely want to win and I will rap a muthafucka under the table,” he continued.

Kai’s rant landed him in beef with Joe Budden, who called him and other young streamers out for disrespecting the Atlanta rapper.

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