Khia Roasts Sexyy Red AGAIN…

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After Sexyy Red called her an old “hag” after her last read, Khia hopped back on her Livestream to roast her again.

“We the people versus fugly, non-sexy, f-cked up-ass Red. Your ass is being charged with not being ashamed of your got-damn self. Doing hoe sh-t and being mad about it. Being a deadbeat baby mama, a deadbeat daddy, a deadbeat daughter and a deadbeat, Young Thugger-looking-ass bitch. Skin looking like a wrinkled bed sheet. Attempting to come for a real queen. Being ugly than a muthaf-cka. Looking like an old crumbled up stale backwood that ain’t nobody buying. Take that sh-t back to the store whore. But ain’t no refund,” said Khia.

She continued: “Not being able to handle the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God – but ain’t nobody helping you but the Devil. Acting like you that bitch but you ain’t shit and it shows, bitch. F-cking on n-ggas that don’t want you, not knowing who your baby daddy is. Sucking on balls and toes at the same damn time, getting pissed and sh-tted on trying to come for a real queen. “Not knowing who the f-ck your baby daddy is, refusing to go get tested. Letting f-ck n-ggas film fucking your dry-ass p-ssy on Live, you dirty, black-footed ass bitch!”

Khia first roasted Sexyy after fans kept comparing them and Khia took offence to the comparison. Did she go too far?

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