Kenya Moore Calls For Marlo Hampton To Be FIRED From ‘RHOA’!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Kenya Moore is over Marlo Hampton and wants her off Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Things got heated between the two on Sunday night’s episode of the show. Kenya threatened to call the cops on Marlo after she was seen kicking and banging her fists on Kenya’s hotel room at the end of the episode.

“I see therapy has NOT helped Marlo.. ain’t this her getting in [Drew Sidorda’s] face and being pulled back by security? Hmmm [Bravo] really failed to pull back this clip for some reason,” a viewer tweeted alongside a screenshot of Marlo being held back by a man as she screamed at Drew.

“This IS proof Mumbles was yelling and standing over Drew just like [Drew Sidora] said,” Kenya replied.

Kenya also blasted the “shady producers” for the way they edited the scene.

“Before Marlo left, she was indeed standing over Drew, she did get close and she was pointing and yelling and security was right behind her… idk why they keep protecting this loser,” another fan wrote.

“Yeah they were slick and didn’t show that part,” Kenya tweeted in response.

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