Kenya Moore BLASTS “FaceTime Father” Marc Daly!!

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Kenya Moore accused her ex-husband Marc Daly of being a deadbeat after Marc tried to have her held in contempt of court over scenes on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Marc accused her of violating a court order that required her to inform him of when their child would be appearing on the Bravo reality show.

“[Kenya] shall notify [Marc] of any opportunity where the minor child will appear on camera and shall advise [Marc] of the content of the appearance; the minor child will only be involved in opportunities that are age appropriate,” a motion read.

Kenya denied that her daughter was ever actually on screen in the scenes highlighted and insists Marc should focus on being a present father.

“[Marc] began to erratically change the times that he wanted to call on a whelm. He did this for the purpose of attempting to create an issue,” she claims in the docs. “Mother has implored Father to be consistent with his calls, which he refuses to do. Nevertheless, Father has been random in his behavior and unwilling to stick to the established schedule.”

“The evidence will show that Father is simply a ‘FaceTime’ father, who is inconsistent with even talking to his child at best. He doesn’t visit her, makes promise to her that he does not keep, and continues to disrupt the normalcy that Mother has strived so very hard to provide for the minor child. For example, Mother planned (with Father’s consent) a trip to Disneyland, Father committed to coming, causing Mother to pay for the costs of travel for he and the child, and the cost of lodging for everyone. Father, after committing to show, failed to show up, disappointing the child who was excited with anticipation of seeing him, and costing [Kenya] thousands of dollars,” the motion continued.

Kenya is asking for Marc to cover her court fees.

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