Kelly Dodd To File For Full Custody Of Daughter Following Ex’s Abusive Texts

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Kelly Dodd is reportedly planning to file for full custody of her 16-year-old daughter, Jolie, after her ex-husband, Michael Dodd, allegedly sent her abusive text messages

“She’s been quiet for years for her daughter,” an insider told Radar Online this week.

“Every time they talk, there’s name-calling,” another insider revealed. “She’s tired of the dysfunction.” Sources claim that Michael is also allegedly “bullying” Kelly’s husband, Rick Leventhal.

In the texts, Michael allegedly called Kelly a “f-cking stupid b-tch,” a “f-cking stupid piece of sh-t,” and a “wh-re.”

“She’s on the streets … I told you I was leaving … blocking you,” Kelly clapped back.

Kelly says she was informing Michael that she will be out of town and that their daughter, Jolie, would be with him. A fan then asked what she meant by the “streets” remark.

“I clearly stated that I was out of town,” she replied. “He said great I have her it’s his week. She’s not allowed at her and at his house because the step mommy whatever the f-ck she is. Joy doesn’t want to stay with her so basically she’s on the streets because she’s not being facilitated.”

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