Kelly Dodd Claims Tamra Judge Has A “Gay Husband!!”

Lyndon Abioye |

Former Orange County Housewife Kelly Dodd went off on a cruel rant against Tamra Judge on social media…accusing her husband, Eddie Judge, of being gay.

Kelly took exception to Tamra defending Real Housewives of New York City‘s Sai De Silva after she was labeled a “mean girl” by viewers and some of the cast.

“Oh and like we see Tamra’s life !!! She has 4 kids we don’t know them ? Except for the cowboy 🤠 ranch guy,” Kelly wrote in the comment’s section of Reality Blurb’s Instagram post. “Tamra’s life is BOOORRRRINGG!! She doesn’t have fabulous homes she dresses like white trash 🗑️ she’s old and has a gay husband that looks like he has marbles in his mouth !!”

She continued, “Why is she back ??? She offers NOTHING!!! She made this season insufferable. Go back to your white trash family we don’t want to watch you or your WT Mom and her ugly weird boyfriend . All my friends in OC HAVE YACHTS, businesses, beautiful clothes, homes, lives & interesting kids . Get rid of of this old washed up hag ! We’ve had enough!!”

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