Kelis Claims Beyonce Is A ‘THIEF’ . . . Claims She ‘Stole’ Her Song . . . Says Bey Has ‘NO SOUL’!!

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R&B singer Kelis went off on Beyonce today on Twitter, Media Take Out has learned. According to Kelis, Beyonce allegedly “stole” one of Kelis’ songs, for Bey’s new album Renaissance. Media Take Out looked into her claims and have the results below.

Beyonce’s album leaked online yesterday, and one of her tracks, Energy, appears to have sampled one of Kelis’ hit songs – “Get Along With You.”

Apparently Bey’s team never cleared the sample with Kelis, and Nas’ ex-wife is furious. Kelis went BALLISTIC on Twitter and wrote that Beyonce committed a “theft”, and suggested that Beyonce has “no soul or integrity” and that she “has everyone fooled.”

Wow, that’s some pretty harsh words. But Kelis had even more to say. She called Beyonce’s actions “ridiculous.”


Well Media Take Out did some digging into Kelis’ claims – and Kelis appears to be stretching the truth a bit.

We did a search on the ASCAP website, and it turns out that Kelis’ hit song Get Along With You is not hers. According to ASCAP, the song was written by Pharrell Williams and Hugo Charles Edwards, The Neptunes. Kelis has a performing credit, but other than that, she has no rights to the song.

In legal terms, that means that Beyonce would ONLY need Kelis’ sign off if she sampled Kelis’ voice. But if she merely sampled the music – which is all that Bey appears to have done – she would ONLY need the sign off of Pharrell and Hugo, which Bey undoubtedly got.

We know Kelis is tight . . . but it’s the law.


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