Keke Palmer’s Baby Daddy Darius DMs Flooded w/ Thirsty Women … ‘I’ll Raise Keke Baby Wit U’

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The Keke Palmer and Darius drama is getting more and more interesting. Over the weekend, Keke was spotted wearing a very scandalous outfit at the Usher concert, Media Take Out confirmed, and it got her babys father, Darius, upset.

Now Keke may have a lot more to worry about. Media Take Out confirmed that since Darius’ posts, at least a dozen women have flooded his DM – with offers to take Keke’s place.

You see Darius was charged with staying home, and taking care of the couple’s newborn child, as Keke went out with her girlfriends in a freakum dress to Usher’s concert.

Darius let his feelings be known and the world blasted him over it. But not everyone is so critical of Darius.

We’ve now learned that since that post DOZENS of women have been in Darius’ DMs … shooting their shot at Keke’s man.

Media Take Out spoke with one beautiful young woman from Atlanta who told us that she reached out to Darius via DM, and asked if he was interesting in “upgrading” from his actress girlfriend.

The woman told us, “I figured that I would shoot my shot. Keke’s not acting right, so maybe he’s ready for a change.”

The woman added that she would be willing, assuming her relationship with Darius progressed, to even raise Keke’s son with Darius.”

The beauty told Media Take Out, “I don’t ming he has a son. He seems like a great father.”

As we reported, Darius quit his job, and is now a full time stay at home father to the couple’s son. Under US law, in the event of a split, Darius would likely be granted custodial rights over their child – and Keke would be responsible for making hefty child support payments to Darius – and his future girlfriends.

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