Keke Palmer Shows Love To New Mom Chrisean Rock

Lyndon Abioye |

Keke Palmer hopped on social media to support Chrisean Rock who has been having a hard time since becoming a new mom.

Wack 100 posted on social media slamming Chrisean but Kke was not having any of it.

“This is so sad to me especially as a new mom. I didn’t wanna say nothing or involve myself on anything but my heart is breaking for all involved. This is exactly what maternal health care is about. It doesn’t matter how you feel about Chrisean before, now she’s a mother and for that BABY she needs help and proper CARE!” she wrote.

She continued: “Why doesn’t anyone care about her or any of THE OTHER MOTHERS THAT ARE STRUGGLING! She is just ONE but the face of MANY! There are women out here that are beyond “judgment” because their children need them.”

Wack has since deleted the post. He and Blueface have been taunting Chrisean with CPS and labeling her as an unfit mother.

Chrisean thanked her for her support.

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