KeKe Palmer Fights w/ Stay At Home Baby Daddy … Over SCANDALOUS Outfit She Wore To Usher Concert

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Keke Palmer attended the Usher concert over the weekend, with a group of her girlfriends. Keke left her son at home – with her boyfriend Darius – who is the child’s primary caretaker, while she went out with her girls, Media Take Out has learned.

Today footage from the ladies’ night was leaked on social media, and Darius saw the video, and went ballistic.

Here’s the video that shows Keke wearing a very revealing outfit, as she flirts with Usher.

Darius, who has been at home taking care of their son all weekend, appeared to fly into a rage once the video leaked. He took to Twitter and berated Keke for “showing her b**ty cheeks to please others.”

He went on to say that he, unlike Keke, has “standards and morals.”

When Keke’s fans asked Darius to stop “shaming” – he responded that Keke is a “mom” and should start acting like one.

Keke Palmer is one of the most celebrated working actresses in Hollywood today. Her career has been growing each year – and she seems like she’s just about ready to take off and become an A-list celebrity.

Darius is no longer working, and has decided to be a stay-at-home father to their newborn son. That arrangement seems to be working out okay for Keke and Darius for now … but things seem tense between the two.

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