Keke Palmer Baby Shower Pics: Baby Daddy Grew ‘SYMPATHY GUT’ During Pregnancy – No More 6 Pack!

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Keke Palmer’s ‘Once Upon A Baby’ baby shower was held yesterday in Los Angeles and it was the place to be this weekend. It was jumping with music, dancing and arts and crafts, Media Take Out has confirmed.

Keke posted videos and pictures from the event on her Instagram page. The actress gave her 11.9 million followers a look at the festive affair with numerous videos and photos, all while showing off her growing baby bump.

Keke and her babys Darius Jackson were joined by a slew of family and friends in celebration of what will be the couple’s first child together.

A long time ago, in a land not so far… The King and Queen got together to play. The play turned to love as many sunsets passed by. Now there’s a prince, who’s soon to arrive!’ Palmer wrote in the caption of her Instagram post.

What was obvious is that Darius has put on a few pounds, along with Keke. The handsome father-to-be showed off a clear “sympathy gut.”

Here’s what Darius looked like before Keke got pregnant:

Men commonly mirror symptoms of pregnancy, such as weight gain, nausea and backache. But the phenomenon, sometimes called couvade syndrome, is often dismissed as psychosomatic, with no real physical explanation.

In a recent study, primate researcher Toni Ziegler at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her colleagues showed that two types of male monkeys experience sympathetic pregnancy too.

They weighed 14 male common marmosets and 11 cottontop tamarins (during their partners’ pregnancies of five and six months, respectively. They chose these animals because the males are monogamous and take on as much or more of the childcare as the mothers – just like some human dads.

The animals gained as much as 20% of their original body weight, the team reports in Biology Letters1.

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