Keefe D Denies He’s About To Be Arrested For 2Pac’s Murder

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Keefe D says he’s unaware of any plans for him to be arrested for the murder of 2pac.

“Not that I know of,” he responded when asked if he would soon be arrested and charged for the murder. “Unless he the U.S. f-cking attorney or something. I don’t know, this dude obsessed with me. What the f-ck, know what I’m saying?”

“I said I wasn’t gonna ever bring his name up again,” he continued. “He did that bullshit phone call. Like a tap line or something, ‘this is recorded,’ and he didn’t let me hear the sh-t. I should sue him and that f-cking RJ Bond. That dude obsessed with me. He act like he wanna give me some head or something I don’t know what the f-ck is wrong with him. He need to leave me the f-ck alone.”

Former LAPD police officer Reggie Wright Jr. says that Keefe D’s interviews about the death could put him behind bars very soon.

“Let’s put it this way, I bet Keefe D [has] been having the runs for the last two weeks,” Wright said in the interview. “Because yeah, they are knocking on doors and there’s some activity.”

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