Katt Williams Claims That Jamie Foxx FAKED HIS STROKE!! (Do You Believe Him)

Tiffany Brockworth |

Comedian Katt Williams is stroking the conspiracy fire, with respect to Jamie Foxx recent stroke and his subsequent recovery.

As Media Take Out reported, Jamie, an Oscar winning actor, suffered a massive stroke – or at least that’s what his team claims. For the next 6 months, the actor was out of the public eye, reportedly in a treatment center recovering.

When Jamie finally emerged from treatment, folks all across social media circulated conspiracy theories, the most popular of which said that Jamie was a “clone.”

Now Katt has a new conspiracy theory, that folks on social media are sure to latch on to.

According to Katt, Jamie faked his “mystery illness.” Katt told his fans, “can I catch that same mystery illness, cause when he recovered he was making movies and doing tc shows.”

Katt went ion to claim that Jamie’s “illness” was part of a secret plot against us all.


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