Karen Huger Slams ‘Very Aggressive’ Robyn Dixon

Karen Huger slammed Robyn Dixon’s angry display with Wendy Osefo this season. She thinks it’s hypocritical for Robyn to have acted that way when she judged Wendy for the same thing.

“This is the woman that was accusing Wendy, seasons ago, of being aggressive,” said Karen. “And I don’t see the aggression from Wendy. I’m seeing the aggression from Robyn. And it’s not a good look. I’m just of the opinion that it’s very personal with Robyn, where Wendy is concerned.”

Karen also cleared up Robyn’s statement that all of the cast questioned Mia Thornton’s cancer claims.

“Let us be very clear, I want it known for the record, at [the] time when this is being filmed, I’m Mia’s ride-or-die. I never felt that way. I still don’t feel that way. I never questioned Mia. That is not how I roll. Clearly with Robyn, she was not speaking for Miss Karen.”

Was Robyn being aggressive?

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