Kanye West Wants Yeezy Clothing To Be Free

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Kanye West says that his Yeezy brand is working hard to bring down the price of his clothing and one day…he wants it all to be free.

When it’s sold in America, it’ll be made in America, and when it’s sold in China, it’ll be manufactured in China. So the glasses will cost $20, and everything in the Ye Supply store will be $20. And, we’re working on how to make clothing free. Because life is free,” Ye said to Forbes.

He continued: “It’s our responsibility and pleasure to turn these dreams into reality, to simplify things, and provide more room for people to imagine, [not] constricting or enforcing ideas.”

Ye has already ended his deal with GAP, but he says there’s still hope for Adidas.

“And this is where Adidas and I are… there’s a possibility [we] can co-parent products that we make, but not in a way where I’m not getting say-so over colorways, and where they’re treating me like I’m dead,” Ye added.

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