Kanye West Trolled On ‘South Park’

Lyndon Abioye |

Kanye West was clowned in yet another episode of South Park. In the season premiere episode “Cupid Ye,” Kyle, Stan and the rest of the South Park crew mocked the rapper’s recent anti-semitic rants.

Stan and Cartman become envious of Kyle’s friendship with Tolkien. Kyle is Jewish. Cartman becomes Cupid Ye and begins to reel off some of Ye’s previous claims.

“You know, the stuff that’s come out about how the Jews stole the Black race’s identity. That the lost tribes of Judah were actually all Africans? You didn’t hear about this? Black people are actually the Jews and people like Kyle have taken that from them? So they had to invent a story for themselves which they could make everyone believe because Kyle runs Hollywood!” he says.

Cartman is seen appearing in a television interview dressed like Ye.

Kanye has been laying low since he got married and has not been doing interviews.

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