Kanye West Plans To Leave The United States … Move To The MIDDLE EAST!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Kanye West is reportedly planning on leaving the United States and moving to the Middle East, where he can build his own city.

Kanye, known for his boundary-pushing projects and unreleased albums, is reportedly setting his sights on an entire self-sustaining city in the Middle East called DROAM.

But before we all jump for joy at Kanye leaving this hemisphere. Beware. This move comes amid a backdrop of unfinished ventures and abandoned properties that have left fans both intrigued and skeptical.

Over the years, Ye has teased fans with album announcements that never materialize, leaving devotees disappointed and frustrated. His latest project, a collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign, was promised to drop last weekend but, unsurprisingly, failed to see the light of day.

Yet, in a surprising turn, West took to X to reveal his most audacious announcement yet: the creation of DROAM. He aims to build it somewhere in the Middle East, but doesn’t say specifically where.

The city, still in Phase 1 development, boasts plans to span a staggering 100,000 acres — twice the size of New York City. West is actively seeking collaborators, calling upon project managers, engineers, architects, contractors and builders to join the ambitious endeavor.

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