Kanye West Jokes About Failed Marriage To Kim Kardashian At BET Awards!!

Kanye West was at the BET Awards to pay tribute to Diddy and gave a surprise speech.

“I go to [Diddy] for advice to this day. He inspires so many of my choices. So many of my life choices. My wife choices. And here we are — thanks for that, Puff,” said Ye.

Did Diddy tell Kanye West to marry Kim?

He laughed and so did the audience. Ye also said, “This man has survived a lot of stuff and broke down a lot of doors so we could be here today. He broke down so many doors about classism, taste, culture, swag. Puff, if I never told you…I love you.”

“This is my favorite artist,” Kanye went on. “See what I’m saying? Favorite artist. Everything. Not specifically production. Back then, it was so many rules to hip hop and he broke all of them. And broke down all the doors. And understood contracts in a way a lot of us still don’t. He understood money in a way a lot of us still don’t.”

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