Kanye West Is BEEFING With Dave Chapelle … It’s GOING DOWN – Exposes Dave For ‘Joke Stealing’

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Kanye West is now beefing with his former bestie, comedian Dave Chapelle. Last week, Kanye went on Alex Jones’ podcast, and made some extraordinarily disturbing comments.

Dave Chappelle

But while everyone was focused on Ye’s views of German politics from the 1940s, most observers missed the part where he blasted his former friend Dave Chappelle.

Ye’s comments came after, Media Take Out confirmed, Dave Chapelle said during a Saturday Night Live comedy sketch that Kanye is “not well.”

Ye must have not liked that. In the interview with Alex Jones Ye exposed Dave and said, “Dave Chapelle is a hack.”

He continued on saying that Dave gets a lot of his jokes from another controversial comedian, Owen Benjamin. Listen:

We know what you’re wondering – who is this Owen Benjamin fellow?

According to Wikipedia, Owen is an American conspiracy theorist and internet personality. He was formerly a stand-up comedian and actor who had minor roles in mainstream film and television between 2008 and 2015.

In the late-2010s, Benjamin began expressing more extreme political views. In 2019, he was banned from several mainstream social media platforms for violations of their policies, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. These included anti-Semitic remarks, homophobic remarks, and calling Barack Obama the n-word.

Here’s a mashup of Owen Benjamin’s jokes, next to Dave Chapelle’s. What do you think – was Dave “borrowing his jokes”?

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