Kanye West Goes On FULL Attack On Jewish People, Jay Z, Drake & MORE!! (Off His Meds)

Tiffany Brockworth |

Kanye West went off for 10 mins name dropping Jay-Z, Drake, Travis Scott, Balenciaga and Addias to name a few then says everyone in the room with him is fake. He also made some very disturbing comments about Jewish people.

The stream ended when he kicked YesJulz out the room (she was recording).

Kanye West is scheduled to release his latest album, entitled Vultures – but after this rant, the release is in jeopardy.


Kid Cudi was there, giving Ye some support:

Kanye West’s outspoken views have received significant media coverage. He has been a frequent source of controversy due to his conduct on social media and at awards shows and public settings, as well as his comments on the music and fashion industries, U.S. politics, race, and slavery. His Christian faith, high-profile marriage to Kim Kardashian, and mental health have also been topics of media attention. In 2020, West launched an unsuccessful independent presidential campaign which advocated for a consistent life ethic. In October 2022, he was widely condemned and lost many sponsors and partnerships—including his collaborations with Adidas, Gap, and Balenciaga—after making a series of antisemitic statements, including praising Adolf Hitler and denying the Holocaust

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