Kanye West Denies Taylor Swift Kicked Him Out Of Super Bowl

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Kanye West has responded to claims that Taylor Swift had him kicked out of the Super Bowl on Sunday.

NFL star Brandon Marshall made the claims on his social media, alleging Ye purchased seats ahead of Taylor’s suite to photobomb her media appearance.

“Everyone saw Vultures 1 get taken off of platforms to limit our first week numbers. This reminds me of the mistreatment of my people because of the color of our skin. Remember I was on Taylor’s side when Scooter bought her masters behind her back. She and BeyoncĂ© are big inspirations to all musicians we always say how both sell out tours and moves. Also, I’m sure I’ve been far more helpful to Taylor Swift’s career than harmful. To all Taylor Swift fans, I am not your enemy uuum I’m not your friend either though lol,” Ye wrote.

Ye was addressing a social media post asking all of her fans to stream Bey’s single to stop Ye getting the top spot.

He added, “Also I didn’t get kicked out of the Super Bowl we left our seats to go to YG’s box and see different friends. My wife had never been to a Super Bowl so I wanted to walk around and have a nice time we had such a fun day. Oh and to Shaq I grew up looking up to you I would love to hang with you and Jamie sometime Jamie Salter is like a father figure to me. The media may control the narrative but the people have spoken.”

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