Kanye West Denies Being Bipolar: I May Be Slightly Autistic Like ‘Rain Man’!!

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Kanye West once revealed he was bipolar, but now the rapper is taking it all back and denying he has the mental illness.

“Like my dad said: ‘You know, they’re gonna smear your name if you’re associated with Hitler.’ Yeah, obviously! Of course, dad. Good idea, thanks a lot,” he told X17.

Following a series of rants, his fans have assumed he was having a bipolar episode.

He continued: “The truth is Jesus says love everyone, God says love everyone. For me, I believe that in no way I am not Bipolar, I am not in some kind of episode, but I may be slightly autistic-like ‘Rain Man’, and that’s part of my superpower That’s the reason why I can produce tracks and design and do so many things but what I can’t do. There’s two things that I can’t do: I can’t accept hate and I can’t hate.”

Y’all think Ye is autistic or having a mental breakdown?

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