Kanye West Claims He’s ‘Jealous’ Of Jewish Culture!!

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In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, Kanye West claims he is jealous of the Jewish culture.

“I’m envious of how they don’t abort their children,” Ye told Piers. “I’m envious of how they don’t shoot each other in the streets and then rap about it. I’m envious of how their families stay together. I’m envious that they turn their phones off on Friday nights and the family comes together. I’m envious of how they do business together. And I want that for the darker Jews, I want that for Black people. We need that.”

Ye also claimed that his infamous “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” outburst is responsible for celebrities disrespecting the president.

“When I hear people like John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen talk down on the president, I’m like, ‘Wow, that kinda sounds like me. That kinda sounds like the telethon’,” he said. “I opened up this level of disrespect towards our leaders. And the left saw that and said, ‘Well let’s just have every celebrity do what Ye did at the telethon. So I take responsibility for that moment.”

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