Kanye Fires Divorce Lawyer … Halts Divorce … Speculation He And Kim RECONCILE

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Yesterday Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson announced that they were ending their 9 month relationship. The end of their relationship coincides with the wrapping of filming of Kim Kardashian’s new reality show. An interesting coincidence noted by Media Take Out.

Well now we have some more interesting details. We confirmed that Kanye West has put a halt on the couple’s divorce proceedings.

Kim and Kanye had a trial-setting conference for yesterday in a Los Angeles court, as part of their divorce.

But Kanye’s current divorce attorney, Samantha Spector, asked the judge to relieve her as counsel, saying her relationship with Kanye was irretrievably broken, though she was barred by attorney-client privilege from explaining further.

The judge granted her request Friday, and since Ye is without a lawyer – the judge put the divorce “on hold.”

On March 2, 2022, Kim Kardashian requested that the court dissolve her marital status – and it was granted during a virtual court hearing. Kanye West has disputed the dissolution, and has held up any final ruling.

Kanye West

The couple was set to go to trial to resolve Kanye’s dispute – which is now on hold.

While all this is going on, Media Take Out is hearing some rumors from VERY credible sources, that Kanye and Kim may have reconciled. One person, who knows both Ye and Kim tell us that the couple is “working through things, and could reconcile at any moment.”

Now that Pete’s out of the way, we don’t see what’s holding them back . . .

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