Kandi Burruss Hints Marlo Hampton “Rehearsed” Reunion Trauma Speech

Kandi Burruss was not buying Marlo Hampton’s speech about her childhood trauma during the reunion and thinks it was all planned.

“I know that a lot of people are going to think I’m coldhearted for saying this, but I felt like the speech was rehearsed. It gave me rehearsed, especially when she went down to each person,” Kandi said on WWHL. “How do a lot of people cover up some of the things that they’ve wronged people is to bring up their traumas and make you feel sorry for them. So it gave me rehearsed, not to say that she hasn’t experienced trauma, because she has. But don’t bring it up every time you dog somebody or drag them.”

Andy Cohen defended Marlo, saying, “But I feel like I was the one bringing it up.” He added that he “brought up a lot of her trauma because I thought it was important to hear what she’s been through in order to understand where she is now.”

Ya’ll think it was rehearsed?

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