Kai Cenat Says He Almost Got Banned By Twitch Fireworks Prank

Tiffany Brockworth |

Kai Cenat terrified his fans on July 3rd after he and Mr. Beast teamed up for a live fireworks that seemingly went left.

Kai Cenat had his famous game room filled with fireworks, and his friend, gamer AMP Davis, set fire to a box, which caused the fireworks to be set off.

A picture then circulated online, seemingly showing the streamer’s entire home alight…but it was later revealed that Mr. Beast created a replica room to set on fire as part of a prank.

Speaking to his followers, Kai revealed that Twitch were unhappy about the prank and almost kicked him off the platform.

“They told us ASAP, we can get banned for blowing it up. We didn’t know this whole time,” he said.

He continued, “That’s why the VOD went down. If anyone went to check the VOD, the VOD disappeared. I was on the verge of getting banned. I had to hurry up and tell my rep–the people that represent me on Twitch–I had to show them everything, I had to show them the whole set.”

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