Kai Cenat Responds To Elliott Wilson’s Tweet

Lyndon Abioye |

Kai Cenat finally responded to Elliott Wilson’s tweet about him after Nicki Minaj appeared on his livestream.

Elliott tried to shade Kai’s style of journalism, and Nicki clapped back at him, telling him to lay off Kai and stating that he does not welcome newcomers and even tried to tarnish her image.

“Elliott did respond immediately to Nicki’s tweet about him, but the way I viewed it was like, right now in today’s day and age, people been doing it for so long that it’s been the same for years and years. But when there’s a new thing that’s out, they can’t really grasp and understand it,” said the young influencer.

“So sh-t like that don’t necessarily bother me because I know the position I’m in and I know I’m young, bro. I have a whole journey ahead of me.”

Elliott did apologize for his tweet.

“Go against Nicki? I musta been dense,” Wilson said. “The barbs tore me up and even 50 Cent.”

He continued: “I apologize to @KaiCenat + his fam. I was out of line and let my competitive nature get the best of me. Kai carved his own lane in the game, built a great platform and deserves respect. Salute the streamers and young creatives getting to the paper and pushing our culture forward.”

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