K. Michelle Says “Black Women Should Be Allowed To Date Outside Of Their Race”

Tiffany Brockworth |

K. Michelle is down with the swirl and she says that Black women should be free to date outside of their race.

“Black women should be allowed to date outside of their race and date who they want. Right?” she says in the clip. “Black women is standing on what they standing on. Black women got they own money. They don’t need to stand on your money business.”

K. Michelle is seen arguing with two men who ask her why Black men get crucified for dating outside of their race.

It’s not clear who the singer is dating right now, but one viewer says K. Michelle has been trying to turn herself into a white woman.

“She doin her best to look like a white woman! Why do u all listen to someone who doesn’t want to be a Iseral Queen but, would rather be a powder face sex slave,” the user wrote.

Do y’all agree with K. Michelle’s views on interracial dating?

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