K. Michelle: I’ve Fired Over 100 Assistants!!

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K. Michelle’s time on reality television showed that she can be a handful…well, in a new interview …she revealed that she’s not easy to work for either and has fired over 100 assistants.

“I’ve probably had over 100,” she confessed when asked by MAJIC-FM 107.5/97.5’s Ryan Cameron how many assistants she’s had.

She then shared why she fired her last assistant.

“Couldn’t hang up two TVs with six people came out to the house, didn’t know how to get the cords in the walls. Six different people in my house didn’t know how to hang a TV and wanted $2,000 a week. I said I’d do $1,600 a week,” she said.

Michelle continued, explaining why she fired the last assistant: “I remember one day I said, ‘Can you make reservations at 5 o’clock for four people?’ She come in and say ‘I made reservations for 4 o’clock.'”

Viewers sounded off in the comments section:

“If you’ve had over 100 assistants the assistants are not the problem,” one wrote.

“😮 Your personal assistant should not be hanging your TV. That exactly why she can’t keep one. Imagine the ridiculous expectations of this woman,” another wrote.

Another added, “An assistant isn’t your carpenter. And if you are firing 100’s of people for any given reason then it’s time to look in the mirror and see if YOU aren’t the pbm”

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