Justine Skye Defends Nicki Minaj

Lyndon Abioye |

Justine Skye hopped on social media to defend Nicki Minaj after the rapper faced some criticism amid her album rollout.

“Nicki has always been animated and theatrical in her own way, from day one. That’s how she became to be the icon we know today. That a lot of female artist get inspiration from today. Just because everyone loves to hyper fixate on a negative or false narrative and jump on a hate train doesn’t take away from the facts and accomplishments,” she wrote.

Nicki recently posted a video celebrating the success of her album, but some viewers thought Nicki, who is 41, is too old to be acting in such an immature manner.

Some also criticized her Kai Cenat appearance.

“I hate how comfortable and quick our community is to join together in negativity towards successful black women/men before lifting them up. Some of yall are focused on the wrong thing and then wonder why the stereotypical path for black artist is when they blow up they “forget their people” … this sh-t is not easy, LIFE that is.”

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