Juelz Santana Says He Turned ‘Jail Into Yale’

Juelz Santana says that since going to prison…he is now much smarter than he was before serving his sentence.

“A holding cell in a couple days is way different from being in jail it’s not dirty and pissy,” Juelz said in the below interview. “A holding cell where you go to is way different from what you getting and you locked down and you ’bout to be in the cell and you got a cellmate and stuff like that. Cause for one, n-gga your cellmate ain’t going to let you be in no dirty, pissy. One of y’all going to be fighting.”

He continued: “N-ggas keep their sh-t clean in jail. All that pissy, dirty sh-t, that’s at the bookings with muthaf-ckers that don’t give a f-ck and there’s no order. You go to jail, there’s order n-gga. There’s order, there’s politics and there’s sh-t going on.”

The Dipset rapper says that even though a lot of bad happened, he was able to use his experience to his advantage.

“I hated being there, but it was a learning experience,” Juelz said. “For me I got to turn jail into Yale. I got to be smarter, I got to read a lot more and I got back to writing. Like I wrote so much in there. Like my execution plans since I been home been phenomenal right now, like I’m just all the way in getting to it.”

Can prison make you smarter or is Juelz talking nonsense?

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