Juelz Santana Opens Up About His Lean Addiction

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In a recent interview, Juelz Santana opened up about his previous addiction to lean.

“One thing y’all should know about Juelz is that I haven’t really hid nothin’. I never ducked a question. And yeah, I went through withdrawals from Lean. Yes. I’ve said it on numerous—yes. What else do you wanna know? Have I drank Lean? Yes. It’s like, gettin’ old questions,” said Juelz.

He continued, “When I met [Lil] Wayne, that was something cool to do. We was drinkin’ Lean. Met Paul Wall, we was drinkin’ Lean. It was like, the thing to do. We made it hot. I didn’t really know the negatives behind it because it was something new. I had just been introduced to it, so, it was kinda like, ‘Damn, this sh*t taste good. This like, some rapper sh-t.”

Juelz says at one point, he was drinking lean every day but he eventually kicked the habit. He adds that lean withdrawal was a painful experience.

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