Juelz Santana & Jim Jones Taunt Memphis Bleek Over Verzuz

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Juelz Santana wants Verzuz smoke with Memphis Bleek and Bleek isn’t interested. Now Juelz has teamed up with Jim Jones to taunt Bleek.

“Y’all already want to start this with us now? Don’t do that. Come on, chill out, you dig? We not even going to at nobody, stop playing with us bro, you dig? You n-ggas not even outside, man. Stop it, jack, stop. As we talk to you from the middle of Harlem, ya heard? This sh-t we do ain’t for you. Cool out, we really active out here. We really like that,” said Capo.

“I understand you getting interviews and all that right now. You need some more jewelry before you even talk to us first, ya heard? You need at least a [million] in jewelry before you even stunt. Give me at least 250 in jewelry before you start playing with us. We too lit, too much drip, the bars are extraordinary, too many hits. We ain’t going to play with y’all. I know y’all saw The LOX, this ain’t that. Don’t play with us,” he said.

Juelz called Bleek “incapable.”

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