Juelz Santana CHECKS DJ Vlad For Trying To Instigate Jadakiss Beef!!

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Juelz Santana checked interviewer DJ Vlad after he seemingly tried to stir up trouble between him and Jadakiss.

Vlad asked about the time Jada tried to snatch the rapper’s bandana off his head.

“You tryna start some sh-t. Shut up Vlad, you not gon’ do that,” Juelz said. “It was all fair [in] love and war, Vlad. Stop what you doin’. It wasn’t. You do sh-t like that. Then say it woulda turned into something escalated: that woulda been bad, right? You said what you said, I respect it. But I’m not gonna let you do that. You still my man, it was a good lil’ shot. But Imma nip it in the bud.”

Juelz added that everyone on the verzuz stage had respect for one another and there was no real tension.

“I got so much love and respect for Jada. That’s why I said I’m not gonna let you do that. But it’s not even about you, you couldn’t do that. ‘Cause for me and Jada, the respect and the love we have for each other is beyond him taking off my bandana. Whatever happened that night, it was all for the culture and we gave on a beautiful show.”

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