Judge Joe Brown Drops BOMBSHELL … Tina Turner Was A Violent P*mp … Allegedly Shot Woman!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Tina Turned passed away last week, and the entire entertainment world was in mourning including us here at Media Take Out. But one person doesn’t seem broken up about Tina’s passing – TV judge Joe Brown.

Tina Turner lived an amazing life, escaping abuse from her ex-husband Ike Turner to become an international music star. But she’s been plagued with some pretty terrible rumors, about her past.

And Judge Joe Brown is helping spread those rumors. Media Take Out learned that Joe Brown recently did an interview where he told a fantastical tale about Tina’s life.

Joe Brown calls Tina Turner a “witch”, and he believes that she was the abusive one in her marriage to Ike Turned. Joe Brown’s longtime friend.

According to Joe Brown, Tina used to be a “Memphis p*mp” who trafficked women. And Jos claims that on one occasion, Tina actually shot one of the woman whom she trafficked.

The story sounds so crazy, and unbelievable … but it’s gaining traction all across social media.

An interview with Joe Brown is circulating, where the TV judge explains how he was “mentored” by Tina’s abusive ex-husband Ike Turner.

Judge claims that Ike was a “hero”, who helped keep Tina in check. He claims that Tina was a violent women, whom he says abused women that she trafficked.

So far Tina’s estate has not spoken up about these horrible stories circulating online.


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