Judge Denies Defense Attempt To Reduce Murder Conviction In Nipsey Hussle Shooting!!

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A judge has denied a defense attempt to reduce a first-degree murder conviction to second-degree murder or voluntary manslaughter for the man who shot and killed rapper Nipsey Hussle in front of his Marathon clothing store in South Los Angeles.

Eric Holder Jr.’s sentencing was scheduled for February 22. The judge also refused his team’s attempt to get a new trial.

Holder Jr. was convicted of attempted voluntary manslaughter and is facing a potential life prison term.

In court, Deputy District Attorney John McKinney told jurors during the trial that the killing was “cold-blooded” and “calculated.” They also indicated the killing was premeditated as Holder drove away before returning to the scene of the crime and gunning the rapper down in broad daylight.

“Saying, ‘You’re through,’ before shooting him and shooting him a number of times … kicking him in the head, that’s personal … What makes this murder first-degree is premeditation and deliberation,” the prosecutor said.

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