JT Says She Is Still w/ Lil Uzi Vert

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Days after declaring she was “SINGLE” on Twitter, JT claims she is still with rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

“As long as me and Uzi been official it’s been fiction never facts when it came to women. Yall want him to be a cheater so bad. LMAO he’s not, actually I was mad at something super petty,” she tweeted.

In an interview last month, JT says she felt safe with the rapper.

“It made me a much better person,” she said according to Pop Sugar. “I feel like I found my home with him, my safe space. Once you find your safe space, you know.” According to JT, she went through a dark period and did not understand why. “I went through a rough patch in my life last year when I was very new [to] myself. I didn’t hate myself, but I didn’t understand myself or my transition. It was hard to wrap [my mind] around who I was becoming, and I went into this dark ass place.”

Fans reacted to her new tweet, saying celebrities should stop coming to social media when they’re angry after having a fight and posting while emotional.

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