JT Goes Off On Haters “Sneak Dissing” Her!!

Lyndon Abioye |

City Girls rapper JT hopped on social media to go off on people who she says are sneak dissing her.

She did not name any names, but somebody has gotten under the

“Bitches be Sneak dissing letting they flunky wanna be ME ass friends hype they head up but when I come just know I’m not gone play with neither one of yall bitches yall long over due! HATING ASS BITCH!” she wrote.

JT continued: “I’m the most supportive bitch ever with receipts! But some where in a bitch air ass head I’m their competition! Out of ALL these bitches who d-ck you ride you wanna pick me as your enemy L O S E R!”

In the comments, fans asked JT to @ the person she is referring to directly.

“Girl can you put an @ on it? Why is it that every day you subbing? You know I love you DOWNNNN but sista if it’s pressure, you betta step behind it,” one follower wrote.

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