JT Fires Shots At Roddy Ricch On GloRilla’s ‘FNF'(Remix)

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JT fired shots at Roddy Ricch on GloRilla’s new “FNF (Remix).” The verse comes after Roddy claimed weeks ago that he slept with the City Girl.

“I don’t care who he f-ck wit’/ Bitch, I can’t be f-cked wit’ (Nah)/ Must be gone off percs if you ever thought you f-cked this (What?),” she rapped.

She continued, “Usin’ my name for clickbait/ Eat my ass and my clit, wait/ Bitch, I got a future, do it look like I can sit and wait/I’m F-R-E-E, hold up, stop the beat/I’m a mutherf-ckin’ City Girl, ain’t sh-t free ’bout me (Ayy)/ You a fraudulent ass ho, n-gga, actin’ like you on, n-gga/ You ain’t been in sh-t since that PPP loan, n-gga (Hahaha).”

Weeks ago, Lil Uzi Vert clowned Roddy’s boots.

“Wtfffff Who is this I only saw the boots I hope this is just a normal person BIG ASS BOOTS,” he wrote in an Instagram Story.

Roddy clapped back, “U juss mad these size 8s was n ya bitch get over it.”

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