JT Fires Shots At Roddy Ricch On GloRilla’s ‘FNF'(Remix)

JT fired shots at Roddy Ricch on GloRilla’s new “FNF (Remix).” The verse comes after Roddy claimed weeks ago that he slept with the City Girl.

“I don’t care who he f-ck wit’/ Bitch, I can’t be f-cked wit’ (Nah)/ Must be gone off percs if you ever thought you f-cked this (What?),” she rapped.

She continued, “Usin’ my name for clickbait/ Eat my ass and my clit, wait/ Bitch, I got a future, do it look like I can sit and wait/I’m F-R-E-E, hold up, stop the beat/I’m a mutherf-ckin’ City Girl, ain’t sh-t free ’bout me (Ayy)/ You a fraudulent ass ho, n-gga, actin’ like you on, n-gga/ You ain’t been in sh-t since that PPP loan, n-gga (Hahaha).”

Weeks ago, Lil Uzi Vert clowned Roddy’s boots.

“Wtfffff Who is this I only saw the boots I hope this is just a normal person BIG ASS BOOTS,” he wrote in an Instagram Story.

Roddy clapped back, “U juss mad these size 8s was n ya bitch get over it.”

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