JT Defends Lil Uzi Vert’s Belly Button Piercing: He’s A Black Rockstar!!

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JT hopped on Twitter to rebuff trolls clowning her man Lil Uzi Vert for getting his belly button pierced.

“Everytime MY n-gga do something he want to do y’all act amazed, that’s BEEN his aesthetic before me I guess this side more tuned in but let me tell y’all something he a black rockstar that does what he wants!” she tweeted. “Y’all think the way ppl dress & how they express themselves is what defines them sexually and that’s y’all problem now because it’s men who out here masculine as hell dress apart & can’t wait to get from round y’all to suck d*ck for amiris & I mean NO disrespect!”

JT is proudly claiming her man and all of his decisions.

“Uzi date me & we honestly have two different audiences so nothing bother me more then when he doing what he want y’all Tag me & say ‘THIS YOUR MAN’…yes hoe that’s MY man. MY good man, MY rich man, MY respectful man, MY lit man, MY successful black rockstar.”

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