JPEGMAFIA Goes Off On Freddie Gibbs…

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Rapper JPEGMAFIA went on a rant against Freddie Gibbs while they were both reportedly staying at the same hotel.

“Never got shot at and did nothing, never got beat up, never spread my ass online, baby got no dick dent. I guess im the gansta now,” he began in a series of since-deleted tweets.

“And we at the same hotel this n-gga so p-ssy lmao. Bald head p-ssy b-tch ima f-ck ya mamma n-gga. Cry harder. N-gga dressed like cult member. Not a gang member. Wheres the gangsta sh-t? Why your daddy a cop. Why your baby got a D-ck dent? Whos really corny? Gang member?” he said.

JPEG then referenced the fact that Gibbs’ father worked for law enforcement.

“You know when n-ggas got a cop for a dad it negates the gangsta sh-t they say? Right? Ima call your dead dad and make him arrest your p-ssy ass.”

He then made fun of Gibbs being jumped twice in one year.

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