Joyner Lucas Speaks On Dating Ashanti Before Nelly Reconciliation… “I Was IN LOVE w/ Her”

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Joyner Lucas has confirmed the rumors that he once dated singer Ashanti.

Lucas says they dated before Ashanti got back with her ex, Nelly. She is currently expecting a baby with the “Country Grammar” rapper.

“It was dope. She’s a really dope person—she really is. She’s an amazing person,” he said on The Jason Lee Show.

Lee then asked him how long they had dated.

“I’m a private n-gga. I don’t talk about it. But what I will say is that she’s an amazing person and [I’m] super happy for her. She’s about to have a baby. I know how much she wanted to be a mom.”

Lucas said at one point, they discussed having children but that he wasn’t at that place in his life, adding that he was in love with Ashanti.

“Again, I knew that what she wanted and what she needed? I don’t feel like I could’ve fulfilled that at that time. ‘Shanti been in the game for 25 years; I just got in the game. I know what she wanted and what she needed. I don’t feel like I was in a place in my life where I could commit to that, and that’s about it. But, you know, I’m happy she got [her] way. I’m happy that she ended up going—spun the block with Nelly, and now she’s having a baby. I’m super proud of her … She’s gonna be an amazing mom. I would tell her that all the time.”

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