Joyner Lucas Hilariously Clowns Snoop Dogg’s Hairline

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A clip of Joyner Lucas roasting Snoop Dogg’s headline went viral.

Joyner posted a clip of them riding together.

“When you gon’ cut your hair? When you get like three dreads left like Stevie ? You gon’ keep it? When you gon’ cut that bitch off? ‘Cause you know your sh-t going back, n-gga. I know you be in the mirror like, damn, every day. You know Stevie got like three of them bitches and he ain’t letting ’em go for nothing.”

Joyner continued, “Are you just gon’, ‘F-ck it, you know what, when my shit get back here, I’m just gon’ cut off my three dreads?’ Or you just gon’ be like Stevie, n-gga?”

Snoop laughed.

“I might have to go bald head in a minute and wear wigs and sh-t, f-ck it. Everybody else wearing muthaf-ckin’ wigs. Get a whole closet full of wigs. Let’s go perm today. We going dreadlocks, we going French braids, we going afro, we going flattop.”

Watch the clip above.

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