Journalist Hit By Rocks WILL NOT Press Charges Against Kodak Black

Lyndon Abioye |

Kodak Black went viral for throwing rocks at Local 10 reporter Rosh Lowe and Photojournalist Bryan Murphy this week, but one of the victim’s says he will not press charges.

“These rocks hit my photographer right in the ribs. This is very serious,” WPLG-TV reporter Lowe said after the incident.

“It is very usual in our profession to interview people coming out of jail, especially noteworthy people. What is unusual is rocks being thrown and threats being hurled.”

Murphy filed an incident report with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department but even though he was hit in the ribs with the rocks, he says he will not press charges against the rapper.

Broward County court Circuit Judge Barbara Duffy dismissed a drug possession case against Yah after he was arrested for cocaine possession in December. But after his arrest, it was claimed that the white powder found on Yak was actually oxycodone. His attorney presented a 2022 oxycodone prescription that a pharmacy had filled.

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