Joseline Hernandez & Amber Rose Get Into A Fight . . . And Amber Rose WINS!!!

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BET put out the trailer for the new season of College Kill, which stars a cast full of African American celebrities, including Tiffany “New York” Pollard, Ray J, Amber Rose, and Joseline Hernandez.

Amber Rose

All the celebrities will enroll in a Historically Black College and study African American history.

But don’t get it twisted, there’s plenty of ratchetery in the show. In particular, Media Take Out learned that a fight broke out on set, and it was captured on camera.

The fight occurred after Joseline – who had been terrorizing the cast for weeks – challenged Amber Rose’s blackness.

Amber – who is originally from Philly, and grew up fighting – didn’t just sit back and take Joseline’s insults.

In the clip, you can see Joseline lash out at Amber saying that the biracial reality star is “not Black,” and “pretending to be Black.” After hearing the insults, Amber quietly walks over to Joseline, and punches her in the face.

A scuffle breaks out, and security has to separate the two ladies, Media take Out observed.

So who won, you ask? Well Media Take Out spoke to one of the cast members who was present when the fight happened.

And the person told us, “Amber definitely won. Joseline is all talk, Amber is about that action.”


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