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The Jonathan Majors abuse trial is today – and already Media Take Out learned there have been fireworks in the court room.

Today was the first day of the trial, and the judge had to rule on whether the court procedure surrounding an “important pretrial” piece of evidence would to be open to the press.

Jonathan Majors and his legal team have been doing ANY and EVERYTHING to stop that information to being leaked to the press. It’s not clear what that “evidence” is …. but given the way that Jonathan’s legal team is talking about it – it has to be explosive.

Social media reports are suggesting that the “evidence” could be accounts of previous women, claiming alleged abuse from Jonathan. Previous press reports say that there may be “other” victims of Jonathan’s previous abusive behavior.

Well Jonathan’s legal team WON on the matter. Media Take Out learned that the judge ruled that the procedure will be closed, and members of the press will NOT be able to see the evidence, unless the judge rules it admissible and the prosecution presents it at trial.

Oh, and Jonathan’s girlfriend Megan Good WAS with him. There were online reports that Meg and Jonathan may have broken up.

We’ll keep you updated on this …

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