Jonathan Majors Now Looks Innocent … Tells His Side… White Girl BEAT HIM & Police FRAMED HIM!

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Marvel actor Jonathan Majors has come out swinging, and he’s finally telling his side of the story. And Media Take Out has learned that Jonathan has some RECEIPTS!!

According to new legal documents filed in New York court (first reported by TMZ) Jonathan is claiming that HE was the victim of abuse at the hands of his Caucasian girlfriend, not the other way around. And Jonathan further claims that the New York police framed him.

According to the new legal documents filed in court, Jonathan and his girlfriend were taking an Uber to a nightclub around 1 AM – that’s when the Marvel actor was allegedly attacked.

Jonathan claims that the driver saw the woman assault Jonathan “while she was attempting to steal his phone.”

Jonathan’s lawyer adds that the driver will testify Majors never struck the alleged victim “in any way at any time, or even raised his voice.” The driver has said in a sworn statement that he saw her “hitting, scratching, and attacking” Jonathan. After a few minutes of being attacked, Jonathan reportedly asked the driver to stop the car, so he could escape.

The Caucasian alleged abuser then went to a bar, where she continued drinking the night away, Jonathan’s lawyer added.

The woman allegedly told police that during that incident in the Uber, she suffered a broken finger and a laceration behind her ear – but Jonathan’s lawyer has receipts that suggest she’s lying.

Jonathan’s lawyer included photos which show her using her right hand while at the nightclub – after the incident – where she’s seen picking up a drink and carrying it around – and having a great time with other drunken patrons. She doesn’t seem injured at all.

The drunken blonde stayed out all night, and finally went to Jonathan’s apartment at 3:23 AM – where she called him 32 times and sent several angry, jealous text messages.

Jonathan was not home when she got there, but arrived the following morning at 11:13 AM.

Chaudhry says none of the text messages accuse Jonathan of injuring her, nor does she mention any discomfort from alleged injuries.

The Marvel star found her unconscious and half naked on the floor of his walk-in closet. He also discovered she allegedly threw up in his bed, and told him she’d taken “a few sleeping tablets.”

Majors then called 911, and says when paramedics arrived, the woman allegedly repeatedly told them “I don’t know” when asked what happened to her.

The story gets even crazier, Media Take Out has learned.

In the document, Jonathan’s lawyer claims body cam footage shows police interviewing the woman, and “clearly coaching her to say that Mr. Majors grabbed her by the throat.” Chaudhry claims the alleged victim never made that claim to anyone prior to the officer’s direction.

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