Jonathan Majors Being Described By Former Yale Acting School Classmates … As ‘Sociopath’ & ‘Abuser’!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Jonathan Majors’ career looks to be over – just as it was starting to take off. Media Take Out reported that yesterday he was arrested after allegedly strangling his Caucasian girlfriend in a New York City taxicab.

Now people claiming to know the actor – from his days of studying at Yale Acting School, are claiming that he’s been an “abusive psychopath” for years.

Here’s one of Jonathan’s Yale colleagues – who also works in the acting world – spilling what he claims is “tea” about Jonathan.

Tim claims that people that Jonathan allegedly “abused” are planning on coming forward in the coming days.

Media Take Out was not able to corroborate anything that Tim said. But we did manage to locate a person who attended Yale at the same time as Jonathan.

That person did not have any stories of “abuse” or “sociopathy” about Jonathan. But Media Take Out’s insider did have some tea to spill.

The insider explained, “Jonathan did not really associate with Black people at [Yale]. He only really talked with White people.”

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